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The VR Discussion (Virtual Reality)


Why isn’t Virtual Reality a Big Hit?

During E3 2017 Bethesda announced that there will be a Fallout 4 and Skyrim 4 for VR (Virtual Reality). But what surprised me was watching a few discussion videos on watching the announcement saying that Virtual Reality is not getting people interested right now, it is not going to last, and it is a passing fad, etc. (so what is the point?). It seems though after reviewing it VR is almost treated like a console. If you think about it with consoles they provide you with new games at first but then when it gets an upgrade you provide the same game over with again. In most VR I have noticed that they had games that were already old and now they have it for this and games that are indie made for it as well. VR should have it’s own identity.


What does it mean to play video games in Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is meant for you to be a part of a world, a world that you would like to enjoy and be part of. Another function that VR lacks. Especially when you see in some games the goofy hands like Job Simulator and many others. Personally, I would wish VR right now would be the VR that the Sword Art Online anime series shows where you are immersed in the world and experience it in your way. Hopefully VR get better because if it does not then it will become a passing fad. 


What does the future of Virtual Reality Hold?

In reading an article by IBC’s Alana Foster stated that “The rise in dedicated VR devices is likely to prove popular with gamers and technology enthusiasts. CCS Insight believes that by 2019 dedicated VR devices will start offering a meaningful revenue contribution to companies that have commercial products in this area (Foster)”. In other words they are just waiting for 2019 when companies believe VR will be making money which by that time we do not even know if VR would be a fad or not already.


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  1. I think one of the reasons at least in Skyrim’s case is that you have to pay for it again just to get the VR version.

  2. My friend and I were discussing VR just the other day and he also mentioned the tech used in Sword Art Online. I agree with Megalodon’s comment about having to pay for the same game again. I also think in addition to that, to be able to get a decent VR set up right now is way too expensive for what you get in the package. Right now, it’s just not financially viable. In five year’s time? Who knows?