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Crash Bandicoot N sane trilogy: A trip down memory lane.

Crash is back though as the release came closer I thought “is nostalgia for the game going to be enough to enjoy it?”.

The huge dick of nostalgia can only be stroked for so long before my arm gets tired and I end up with disappointment and a dry face.

Though as we go through the boring swamp that is triple A titles. Crash Bandicoot reminds us that games are suppose to be fun. Or so I thought.

The GamePlay: has been tweaked for the PS4. You can play with the analog sticks instead of the D pads. Which makes the controls easier though you can use the D pads if you want to play with the classic controls. The games are quite challenging in all the right places. Though I heard some reviewer say it was like Dark souls “Yes when I think Crash Bandicoot I think about all those wumpa fruits I’ll lose upon death”.

The controls feel great as you jump, spin and well crash into crates. They feel tight, responsive as well as fun. That’s what these games are for the most part fun and a joy to play. Though the games are harder than I remember. Jumps require pixel perfect landings that at times can be unfair and can lead to frustration for some new comers. But the added challenge can also be a great way to learn the ins and outs of a level.

You can also play as Coco Bandicoot and I thought that they might have some new things for her. Like new secrets or a change in game play style. Just a little something for her to set her a part from Crash but still keep to the core gameplay. I would put up a picture of her but you know the internet and I really don’t want “That” on my browser history.

Overall the gameplay for the platforming its as good as its ever been. And the added challenge of time trials to really test your skills.  Crash 2 has more to offer in terms of gameplay with the added ability to slide, body slam and climb on monkey bars as well as using the slide jump ability to jump greater heights. Crash 3 didn’t improve much but it didn’t need to but it has more variety. You get to use airplanes and all sorts of vehicles which leads to another complaint.
The motorbike levels I struggle with these levels, the controls don’t feel responsive. The bike’s control in general is just a real pain to control which leads to frustration.

The level design for the most part is great. They are packed full of crates, enemies, fun platforming challenges to over come and secrets to find. Which each game has a high replay value for those who want to 100% the games. The game rewards gamers who want to find all the secret gems and time trial runes as they add some real challenge. The time trails tests your knowledge of the levels as to get the best time you need to know the whole level. Also the game runs at 30 fps which is a bit jarring as most games on now run at 60. Which is a step backwards since everything was improved but not the frame rate.

The Look: This game is visually pleasing for the most part. Some levels are very Colorful and are a joy to look at. Like the Orient Express level it’s full of color then there are others that just looks not as good. And that can really take you out of the game with just how bland some levels look. The cutscenes are like something out of a well done animated movie with the way the characters  move and show they express themselves.

The Sound:The voice acting for the most part is good. John DiMaggio is great as Uka Uka but I’m not a fan of Crash’s voice. For me it lacks the craziness that the old Crash had.

Not that I hated it I just felt it was the weakest voice out of the whole game. The remixed music is pretty nice it’s different but it still has the same sound that the original game had

The Verdict: This game fluctuates in quality as there is a lot to like but there is a lot to dislike.Its best to take off the rose tinted glasses and take it in for what it is as the nostalgia dick can only be so erect for so long. The best recommendation I can give to anyone is wait until its cheaper.

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