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Miitopia Demo Review: A Weirdly Enjoyable Funny Adventure

There are a lot of adjectives in the title, but the demo for Miitopia really is interesting. I wasn’t too interested in the game after watching the trailer, although it did look pretty ridiculous. If you liked Tomodachi Life, you’ll probably enjoy this one because it is basically Tomodachi Life with more RPG influences. After playing the demo for Miitopia, I’m pretty excited for the full game. I had the dumbest smile on my face when I was playing it and for a demo it was actually pretty long, took me almost 2 hours to play it. That includes the decisions of which mii to make, which was pretty difficult at times.

Now the cool thing about Miitopia is it’s basically a mad lib just with putting Miis into an RPG. The game gives you a villain, and characters in your party all with blank faces and tells you to fill it in. This makes for some pretty hilarious moments, I had Nicolas Cage as the evil wizard and I kept imagining his voice reading the dialogue that was happening. Something cool is you don’t have to make all the Miis, you can pick from a wide selection of Miis that other players have made through the spotpass internet connection. With that said, the town opens up in the game with randomly selected Miis that people have made. First entering the game, I saw Bobby Hill running around the town and I laughed pretty hard. Also when you make Miis, you also pick their personality, and Bobby Hill was a sassy little kid which was too perfect. The charm in the game comes from the interactions that characters in your party will have as the game goes on. The Inns play a huge part as characters can share rooms in order to increase their relationship. I was laughing pretty hard at this though.

As you probably may have guessed, the game is very simple although it has many RPG elements from leveling up to various job classes. A lot of the game is watching the characters venture forward and when they encounter monsters, you don’t really do anything except occasionally telling the first mii you made (your character) to fight or use an item. Everyone else acts on their own which shows the similarity between this and Tomodachi Life. Although it is kind of addicting to see what the characters will do next, it did get kind of old where I sat back and thought “will there be more to the game after the demo or is this it?” There just isn’t much content here, and the demo went for a while where I felt like I may be playing the game as it will be when it releases. It’s a good time waster but was pretty repetitive. The weird quirkiness of the game really is what the game has going for it. It is really charming with what you can do, all the random characters you can put together and see what they do. Every Fanfiction writers’ dream. That’s a joke although it is funny to see Samus from Metroid in love with a zombie. That was something I saw in the first town in the game. It’s all quirky and funny even though the story is pretty morbid with a wizard stealing people’s faces.

Overall, the graphics and presentation are good, about what you would expect with these Mii games. Sometimes the gameplay of watching the characters fighting through monsters gets a little boring and when staying at the Inns I wish there was a little more to do. This is just a demo though and the ending shows a preview of what awaits in the full version. The land, that the Miis travel through, is a lot bigger than I thought it would be and there are a lot more job classes to pick from (which made me pretty happy). I’m sure the full version will have more and I do have to say that Miitopia really surprised me. Although some things felt repetitive I just kept playing it. The demo gave me a lot more to play through than I expected so it really is something to play to decide if you will like the game. I think I’m actually going to get the game when it comes out on 3DS July 28th. Apparently save data from the demo can be transferred to the full version which is a pretty cool feature. I am looking forward to the game although I think the game should be cheaper than 39.99 even though that’s the usual pricing for new 3DS games. The demo just surprised me, and I had the dumbest smile on my face the whole time playing through it.