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Why Kill La Kill Should Have A Game Adaptation


What is Kill La Kill?

Kill La Kill is an anime back in 2013 produced by Trigger. It follows the story of Ryuuko Matoi a student who transfer to Honnouji Academy looking to find the person who murdered her father. When she arrived, she discovers that unfortunately the academy is run by the evil student council and its president, Satsuki Kiryuin. But before she can face them she discovers that her father before he died left her a clothing that transforms and she called it Senketsu. One by one she faced off against each one and also was at one point pitted against her friend Mako Mankanshoku. Near the end of the show surprises came ever episode as it turned out Satsuki was trying to get rid of the real villain Ragyo Kiryuin. Also it turned out that Ryuuko and Satsuki were actually sisters. Then they team up together and save the world.

Who would make A Kill La Kill game?

In an article from Gamezone it was stated that “Back in 2015, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Director Kenji Saito said he would be interested in creating an action game based on the popular anime series Kill La Kill (Wood).” He then also stated later in an interview by Polygon “If PlatinumGames was going to do a game in the world of Kill La Kill,” Saito told Polygon. We’re great at tempo, combos, over-the-top action, interesting animations, so it’d definitely be full of those. And then, of course, the swordplay would also be very important from a visual design perspective (Wood).”


What type of game could Kill La Kill be?

After witnessing the visuals and the show itself it would seem best if this game is almost like a DragonBall Z Xenoverse game or a fighting game like SkullFighters. As it pertains to SkullFighters the animations that they have for this game matches the animations they had for the show and also there is a wide variety of characters they could have for a Kill La Kill Game. Now as it pertains to being a Xenoverse type game, Kill La Kill had a story and a lot of locations where they can go and make into a good open world. Also another key element would be the transformations. In Xenoverse they displayed the characters transformations well in showing the forms like Super Sayian, and Cell’s transformation. Xenoverse could be an example for Kill La Kill as in the show they transform in into there main battle clothes.