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Accel World VS Sword Art Online Discussion

On July 7 Accel World VS Sword Art Online was available everywhere for the PS Vita and PS4. After looking over how it looks, how it play, and the story behind it here are my key points for this game.

What Is Good about Accel World VS Sword Art Online

After seeing the game, I found three things that were positive for this game. The first thing that I found in seeing the game was the visuals. During the game if you are finishing a side mission the game displays a main visual of the scene. Although, some were not appealing as the old Sword Art Online games this game had some that were visually better. The second thing that was positive about this game was the controls. In other games the controls for the game ave been an issue but after many others have discussed they seemed to have fixed them. The last thing that made this game positive is the main story. The main story revolves around Yui being kidnapped by someone who was from the future. This made the story more interesting because it discusses what happens in the future when things change.


What was bad about Accel World VS Sword Art Online

Now let’s discuss what was bad about this game. There were three main components that I found bad about this game. The first was its fan service. In particular, with the Sword Art Online games they usually provide a little bit of fan service but not as much as this game did. It felt like they overused fan service to much in a lot of scenes and it just made the game and the anime associated with it dirty. The second thing about this game which is an interesting point from Tyler Treese from PlayStation LifeStyle website is that “Despite the VS in the title, the two sides decide early on to work together in order to figure out what is happening to their respective worlds (Treese).”

It really is a bad and confusing title to have VS in it when they do not go against each other. The last thing that was bad about this game was the animation. A confusing choice that they made in the animation was having some characters look 3D while the side characters were 2D. That really made it confusing especially since the 3D characters where from the same story as the 2D looking characters. Both anime’s definitely had better animations that this.

Final take on Accel World VS Sword Art Online

Accel World VS Sword Art Online is an interesting game that both has its strengths and weaknesses. In regards to this game the weaknesses outweighs the strengths. The animations and fan service were way to much that it did not make both look great. Accel World and Sword Art Online have great visuals and good animation as it pertains to the show, but they did not do it good for the game. The fan service was way to much that it takes away from the story. Even though the story was interesting, the controls for the game improved from the old Sword Art Online games an some visuals were good, I just did not see this game better than the old ones.

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