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Executive Assault Review: A Simple RTS With A Twist (July 12th 2017)

Hello folks, today I tried something very different from what I usually end up playing. Executive assault is a rather overlooked title I found on the Steam Summer Sale for the very cheap price of $3.89. So far I am  not disappointed with what i’ve found. Although, the game doesn’t look too promising from a graphics standpoint, it definitely makes up for it in the unique gameplay.


Executive assault is a simple RTS game consisting of the standard base building and the unit building stuff we’ve all seen before. However, this game does something profoundly different from normal RTS games out there. This game allows you to control a unit and fight along side your troops.

To be honest, that idea appealed to me greatly. As a fan of RTS games I’ve wanted that feature ever since the original Command and Conquer: Generals was released. So the thought of joining my units on the ground was akin to a “wet dream” for me.

The goal of the game is simple. Kill all other hostile CEOs at any cost. You achieve this by infiltrating the enemy’s base and shooting the ever living hell out of the opposing CEO’s head. Mechs and tanks can not fit inside bunker corridors, so the game forces you to use ground bots to infiltrate enemy bases.

“up close and personal to an enemy mech”

The Good

Solid Gameplay- This game does combat well. I felt like each unit had a role, and the execubots are fun to play.

Execubots- The execubot system allows your soldier to enter the frey and join your fellow bots in all out combat. A very nice touch in my opinion.

Great Multiplayer- From what I’ve seen this game would be great to play with close friends. Everything works properly and I really enjoyed it.

The Bad

Poor tutorial- I felt the tutorial wasn’t very noob friendly and did not do a good job describing the basics. Note: The enemy AI can still attack and kill you during the tutorial.

meh graphics- One of my only beefs with the game is its artstyle. The game simply doesn’t look very good, however, since this game was made by only a few people I’m willing to forgive it.



If you like RTS games or are interested in trying something new, Executive Assault may be worth checking out.


Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any images, gameplay, screenshots, or other media associated with Executive Assault or its developers.







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