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Closed Beta Being Held for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

EVO, the annually held video game fighting tournament in Los Angeles, is home to not only fighting tournaments but many announcements and this year is no different. Square Enix have just announced that the Dynasty Warriors-style spin off: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will receive a closed beta this summer. Attendees at EVO 2017 were already given codes for the beta after trying out the game whilst those of us at home will have to sign up online.

For those in the US, this can be done here, and for those in Europe, here. The Beta is apparently a server stress test but there’s no doubt about it that Square will also be making adjustments to the game based on fan feedback. It has also not been confirmed which characters will be playable in the beta or stages suggesting more details will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Nice shirts guys! Can’t say I recognise the characters though.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is set to launch at the beginning of next year, exclusively on PS4 as a port of the arcade game Dissidia Final Fantasy (not to be confused with Dissidia Final Fantasy on PSP). As well as an actual release date, the star of the most recent mainline Final Fantasy, Noctis, is yet to be announced as a playable character, even after being outed by retailer Amazon in the games product description. Here at A Bad Password, we’ll keep you updated on the game, and we’ll be sure to cover it if we acquire a code to the beta. Have you tried to get a code for the beta? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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