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It’s Here – Frontier Defense for Titanfall 2

Go ahead and let some blood to flow to other parts of your body as you watch the following trailer…

Of all the things missing in Titanfall 2’s launch, none left a larger void than the extravagant, chaotic, orgasmic 4 player co-op game mode known as Frontier Defense which debuted in the first game, and now the wait is over.

Frontier Defense

  • Co-op 4 player mode.
  • Defend your Harvester against 5 waves of increasingly difficult enemies.
  • Earn cash for defeating enemies that you can spend in between waves to purchase tools like Batteries, Arc Traps, Sentries, and more.
  • Choose from Easy / Regular / Hard / Master difficulty.
  • There will be an Insane difficulty as well that will exist in a separate tile as a Featured Mode.
  • New Titan Progression – ‘Aegis Ranks’Earn Aegis Ranks by completing matches of Frontier Defense.
  • Aegis Ranks can unlock powerful upgrades for your Titans, helping you succeed at higher difficulty levels. For now these Ranks will only apply to Frontier Defense.
  • New, challenging enemy types to battle.
    5 maps supported at launch:
  • Homestead
  • Forwardbase Kodai
  • War Games
  • Rise
  • Blackwater Canal

We are currently testing additional maps and will add more in future. We’ll be showing more of Frontier Defense in an upcoming tutorial video around launch.

If you’re memory exceeds 72 seconds than you may notice a “new” name in that list of maps. That’s because it is new, well kinda, it’s from the first game. Not only is it great for multiplayer, it’s pure evil for Frontier Defense. You’ll see in due time…

Map: Rise

Long sight lines and tight quarters dictate the battle in this abandoned desert reservoir. The towering, sheer walls and a system of convenient zip lines provide Pilots with means to get around quickly while Titans do battle in the long corridors below. Pilots can also set up ambushes in the guts of this complex pipeworks, while titans can lock down large sections of the battlefield at critical junctures. Tread carefully.

FREE TRIAL! – From July 28th – 30th you can get a free trial of Titanfall 2, so tell your friends, and for you more experienced players, your backs might hurt a little for those 3 days.

While there’s no release date yet for this update, it’ still slated to come out before the end of July.

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