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Superhot PS4 is just days away

Today’s news is quick, but may be worth paying attention to if you were a fan of last year’s innovative FPS Superhot; in just a matter of days you’ll be able to play the game, previously available on PC and Xbox One, on your PS4.

The release date was announced yesterday, dropping on July 19th for Europe the 21st for North America (Australians will get access to it even before that, the title being available from today). As well as the base game, those who watched this year’s Sony E3 Press Conference may remember a trailer for a VR expansion fully compatible with both Playstation Move and Oculus software.  The expansion will be launching at the same time as the base game, available either separately or as a single ‘Mind is Software bundle’ (the same bundle is also currently available on Steam with a 20% price reduction).

With a slew of relatively-recent and certainly infamous titles having been found squatting in the Playstation Store, (the less any of us say about such gems as ‘Life of Black Tiger’ the better, I think) Superhot may well be the sort of high-profile release Sony needs to restore faith in its digital service. The game initially released in February last year, to a slew of rave reviews from both critics and consumers alike; it currently has an average of 9/10 on Steam, and if someone tried to count the number of professional articles that use some variation of ‘the most innovative FPS in recent years’ to praise the title they’d lose count quickly. It’s a deserved appellation, however. Without going too much into detail (since I almost guarantee you’ll have seen footage of the game by now, even if you didn’t realise it) it’s a curious little number that plays far more like a strategy-precision platformer hybrid than a traditional shooter, focusing on time manipulation and careful movement to fight your way through packs of enemies. The fad of ‘gritty brown military shooter’ may be dying off recently, but Superhot remained a remarkably refreshing title nevertheless.

The game’s Xbox One release came in May this year, so its arrival to Sony’s platform should be no surprise. As for what the imaginatively named Superhot Team is up to, fans hoping for a Superhot 2 may be disappointed – sort of. In January of this year the team set up a Kickstarter (the same method by which the original game was funded, incidentally) to fund development and production of the Superhot card game, a traditional portable card battler taking inspiration from the FPS of the same name. The card game is currently in a pre-order state, and it remains to be seen what exactly the team will turn their talents to after its release




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