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A casual look at: Dust an elyisan tail.

I decided that I wanted to revisit an older indie title. Dust an elysian tail is a Okay action RPG. Good story, good characters so that begs the question. Why didn’t I enjoy it as much when I play it now?. Well let me explain I still think Dust is a great game but as I played more of it. Everything just stopped being as good as I remember. I’m not one for playing games purely for nostalgia, Hence the whole dick joke in my crash bandicoot review. Nostalgia has a way where it can elevate any old game to near impossible standards. As people have set their expectations so high that now wonder most remasters fail. But I’m getting off topic, Dust has a lot to like so lets focus on those for now.

This game like a morning cartoon. And for the most part looks great in a lot of places. The areas are distinct in the way they look. From lust forests to dark and decrepit graveyards. Plus the character and enemy design look great giving them their own visual differences to tell each other a part. Overall the visual design is eye catching nothing looks bad.

The story and the voice acting is well done some voices fall a little flat. But the writing is well paced. The voices I enjoyed the most were Dust’s, Fidget’s and The shopkeeper. As Dust and Fidget really stand out as they have some great banter as well as toning it down for the more emotional scenes. As I play a game great voice acting is something that I need to fully draw me into the game. And Dust provides that in spades though I feel the villain was very generic and didn’t really do much in the story. As well as some really minor things that stop the story from being great.

The music to this game while not winning any awards does what it needs to do. It provides nice music for the forest parts, Much more sinister tones for the graveyard and some pretty decent music for the bosses. Overall the music is good but not exactly memorable as it struggles to gain any interest.

However here is the one thing I don’t like.Here is where the game fails in my opinion. The gameplay it is very repetitive and boring. The gameplay is based around the Dust storm in which Dust spins his sword around as Fidget throws either balls of light, fire or lightning. And it unleashes a storm, sounds fun right? not when you can basically spam the attack and win every fight. The combat gets repetitive really quickly as well as the exploration. And another thing is that you have to unlock the slide ability. Sliding needs to be unlocked it sounds backwards and it is the gameplay is filled with so many problems like this. It halts my enjoyment to a grinding stop which is sad since I wanted to love this game again but the problems stop me from doing so.

The game has great visuals, story and music. But it failed in the gameplay for me. I know that when I first played this when it came out I loved it. But as I look back on this game I hope that a second game will improve a lot. As I want to like it I truly do. But now I can’t say I like it anymore it lost its charm on me.

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