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Atari Shows Off its Brand New ‘Ataribox’

Ever since the launch (and failure) of their Jaguar console, Atari have had little relevance in the past 20 or so years of gaming. This changed though, back at the beginning of June when they announced they were working on a brand new video game console: The Ataribox. Attempting to rival Microsoft with the name? Despite using PC hardware in a similar fashion, the Ataribox seems to be focused towards both classic and modern gaming, which was revealed in a recent newsletter alongside slick new renders of the machine.

Could it be their logo slapped into the new Bladerunner film that got this thing off the ground?

Seemingly inspired by the original Atari VCS (or 2600), the design features a combo of faux wood and black, as well as a red variant. Aiming to appeal to both the old and young, the console also has a HDMI port, SD slot, and 4 USB ports. In the words of Atari, the ports ‘suggest modern internal specs’, which are likely related to the previously mentioned PC technology being used to run modern games.

The original Atari VCS.
The alternate design for the Ataribox.

On a slightly concerning note, there is mention of the new hardware being crowdfunded in order to limit risk taking and possible failure. Many other video game-based products have fallen down this hole, be them hardware like the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus, or software like Mighty no.9. This also suggests that the whole idea is still in a very conceptual phase but Atari remain adamant to make sure they deliver saying that they will ‘listen closely to Atari community feedback’.

Whilst Atari may not have given us dates for the consoles release or even for the next update of announcements, why not pass the time by telling us what you think in the comments below.

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