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Quite possibly the nicest person in EVE Online.

EVE of destruction

Its not very often that you, I, or anyone else really see stuff that warms the heart in an MMO. Most people just see the hatred, elitism, and mischief that we have come to know and deal with. But someone broke the mold. Someone by the name Beryl Slanjava. This generous benefactor saw a down on his luck player and gave him something the player could not repay, but instead asked the poor player to help others.

In space, no one can hear your wallet.

That down on their luck player was me. It was a foolish mistake in the first place. I was in a mine a jump across from the citadel my Corp was stationed at. I had left to try on new glasses, and didn’t move my ship from the asteroids because the appointment was about to begin. I went, checked out some new frames, and then went to the gym for a stint. I come back, and I see rubble, and an escape pod. It was always a threat in the back of my mind that my ship would be destroyed. But why now? Keep In mind, this wasn’t a big warship or something, this was just a Velator. It was my Velator. I gave it an edgy name, and a new Railgun. She was my little baby. I did have a back up plan though. It was an Amari shuttle, christened, “the last rosebud”. I asked if anyone needed anything shuttled to another port, and explained my predicament. No one wanted an Uber driver either.

20,000,000 leagues into space.

I checked my wallet, to check if I had anything, but most of which I had spent on upgrading my Velator a bit. There was 20,000,000 Isk. I checked the transactions. Quite recently Beryl Slanjava seeing my plight gave me a huge amount of money. I asked him how I should repay him. He gave me a message, that any EVE online players should hold dear, “have fun,  use it, and help other players in need” and this article is my mission to do so. Anyone who plays EVE online, find Beryl Slanjav, and give him Isk’s. I don’t care how many, as long as you leave a message with it. The message being, “from Marshall Lewis and the fine readers of A Bad Password”.

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