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‘Infinite’ Trailer tells us more about the New Villain in Sonic Forces

As well as a new Yakuza Kiwami trailer, Sega have also given us a trailer for Sonic Forces that features the game’s newest villain ‘Infinite’. After being revealed at the end of the game’s E3 trailer last month, not much was known about the latest addition to Sonic’s colourful cast, and to be honest, we haven’t learnt all that much. Despite that, Infinite is the centre of attention in this latest trailer that also shows new areas, voice clips, and even a cutscene that takes place when Sonic encounters him for the first time.

The scene in question shows Sonic being pushed around by the new villain – also the latest competitor to the title ‘fastest thing alive’. Whilst Sonic gets kicked into a few walls, entertaining the watching crowd of past adversaries, Tails brings out his Miles Electric device (dubbed the Prototype Wii U Gamepad by fans) that has been around since Unleashed. Tails proclaims Infinite’s readings “Don’t make any sense” and the scene ends jumping to another few snippets of Sonic and Infinite.

Yes, believe it or not, this thing is sometimes called the PAD.

There are a few interesting details to point out in this trailer though. At the beginning we can see a new, white coloured base area, presumably Eggman’s base? It certainly looks similar to his base in Sonic Boom. In several shots we can also see the same trees that were on Earth during certain scenes of Sonic Lost World suggesting either a new look for Sonic’s world or the game is set in a similar area.

In the cutscene there were also a few tidbits of detail worth mentioning. When Eggman exclaims “Nice!” following Sonic getting kicked into a wall, we can see half of the right side of his moustache is missing. This could refer back once again to the ending of Lost World when most of the right side is ripped off, however it’s also worth noting that it is full grown in promotional art and in the Classic Sonic boss fight.

In this instance it’s covered by his fist but if you watch the trailer, you might catch a glimpse.

Another minor detail is a view of Shadow’s eyes for a split second (at 0:16 in the video). They don’t appear to have they same white dot all the other characters do suggesting he’s under mind-control, although this is contradicted in the E3 trailer, in which he does have them, although that could be done intentionally to cause confusion among fans.

See Shadow’s eye there? We’re Gamexplain in the making!

Also released along with this trailer and heard multiple times throughout was a sample of a theme song for the new villain. It features vocals (and rapping) by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane of Dangerkids, and is the first proper character theme since Jet’s theme in Riders Zero Gravity. The theme song has set fans into a frenzy of both good and bad thoughts with many proclaiming it is edgier than Shadow the Hedgehog, already giving the franchise’s latest villain a reputation of sorts.

What do you think of all this? Are you excited for Sonic Forces? Let us know in the comments below.

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