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RPG Maker FES Review

I’m on the hype train!

when I saw the trailer for a new RPG maker on the 3ds, I was incredibly excited. I always wanted to do RPG maker, and with no way I was paying 69.99 for something that my laptop could probably never run. so I was prepped and ready for it when it came out. I had to go out for some errands, I figured I could stop by the local Gamestop. I traded in a couple xbox games, and then only had to pay seven bucks for the rest. I got home, put it in my 3DS, and the next 3 hours were blazing fun.

Notice it was only 3 hours.

I FES up my opinions

the game played, fun at first, but some of the stuff I wanted to do was hindered by a multitude of things. if I could gripe about one thing the most, it would be that its to simple in areas it needs to be deeper and to complex in areas it needs to be simpler.

no customizability for old men

if it had a way to make your own pixel art, this game would have garnered a lot more praise, but it is not to be. you have to pre-select from a rather small list of pixelated characters. and you could not put down NPC full models as enemies. this messed a lot of things up when, I tried to make a seperate ending where killing a annoying douche in a pub resulted in your hanging.

final review

due to the constrained, but yet slightly entertaining, I give it 4/10.



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