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Sonic Mania Comic Con News Roundup

Story details! Special Stages! New music! This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, lots of new details were revealed at the Sonic Mania panel. To start things off, the team gave us info on the game’s story in mini handout booklets. Rather than going for a Generations-style story with portals that take Sonic back through time to various places in the past, the story actually continues after Sonic 3&K.

Kind of funny seeing Knuckles regarded as Sonic’s ‘newest ally’. Makes sense though.

The above screenshot pretty much sums up the set up. Like the classic games, it’s nothing overly complicated and the game will have sprite cutscenes in a similar vein to S3&K (again). The game is also confirmed to have a CD-style animated intro, similar to the pre-order trailer released toward the end of May. The intro will be revealed a day before the games launch on August 14th.

Along with the story details, we also got a look at how Special Stages will work in Sonic Mania. Based on a combination of CD and the Saturn game Sonic Jam’s 3D low-poly Sonic, these special stages will have you chasing down a UFO that has a Chaos Emerald. Using the Blue Spheres from S3&K’s Special Stages, Sonic can speed up and using rings, he can increase remaining time.

The UFOs are supposed to be low-polygonal as well, so we shouldn’t be having CD levels of frustration.

We also got a sample of the music that will play during the Special Stages that was released online after the panel. The track is called ‘Dimension Heist’ and is once again by Tee Lopes, the composer for the game. The track can be heard below:

It was also confirmed at the panel that Sonic Mania will be about as long as S3&K (everyone loves that game). How do you think this compares to the info we also got on Sonic Forces, be it for Comic Con or not. Are you excited for Mania? Let us know in the comments below.

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