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Rigor mortis review: animal crossing new leaf


(Hi folks! before we get to animal crossing, quick PSA here. so my reviews are going to be categorized in four areas. I have regular reviews, rigor mortis reviews, which are basically are reviews from this generation, just past there age to review, Post Mortem reviews, which view games from last generation (360, ds, PSP) and then decomposing reviews, which are games, that range anywhere from the N64 to the atari 2600. the only reason this is possible is because I am getting a raspberry pi, so you wont be seeing any decomposing reviews till that gets delivered)

Hooked on a game I haven’t even played.

it was 2013, and animal crossing new leaf just came out. I had absolutely no idea why, but I LOVED the game. so when at a family Christmas party, some relatives handed me a box, it contained a 2DS, (money was a bit tight, but I loved that thing) and a copy of animal crossing new leaf. the rest of the party is a blur as I just sat, getting absorbed in the world. my friends still make jokes about my stupor just sitting there, collecting fruit

Animal crossing my heart

161 hours of my life later, I still play, though not on the scale I used to. I loved this game.  I have an awesome (unpaid) house with an arcade, and underground casino, made so many different friends, planted what feels like 100 peach trees, I have become a Millionaire, and lost it all. I made a best friend, but lost her during a time travel excursion. animal crossing, allowed me to do a lot of stuff. and frankly, its still one of my favorite games and probably will be till the day I’m six feet under.

autopsy diagnosis

9.5/10. I cant give it 10 for just one glaring problem. TOM EFFIN NOOK.



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