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my view on the game designer’s role in the modern world

I’d like to walk around in your mind someday

I am what you would call an unprofessional game designer. My friends and I are still working on a project, but its not getting far. we haven’t released a game, and our company doesn’t officially exist. so we just work on concepts until we can procure the game maker engine or I figure out how to import sprites to RPG maker 2003. but we do our best. what this article is about is the modern role on the game designer and what he needs to accomplish those roles.

Designer of fate

your job as a game designer, is to create what the game will be, not what it is. you make the ideas of the game world, what the world is. you’ve failed if your team mates have told you your Ideas are impossible. because it’s your job to make sure everything is reasonable. keep in mind I said reasonable, not easy. at one point or another, crunch time is necessary. but it should only be near the end of production cycle.

before there were builders, there were architects.

I want you to view yourself as an architect, and your teammates as those who will help you build the creation. not your creation, THE creation. you all contributed to making the idea possible, so its all of your ideas. the coder makes the world live, the artist makes the world ALIVE, the composer creates emotions, and the list goes on. you are a designer, and you must design to keep your namesake.






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I am not russian. just for the sake of clarity.