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Dragon Quest XI ‘Echoes of an Elusive Age’ Coming to the West in 2018

And Dragon Quest fans can collectively sigh as it has now been confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will be released in western territories with the subtitle ‘Echoes of an Elusive Age’. The news was revealed in a video uploaded to the Dragon Quest Youtube account, presented by Yuji Horii, the creator of Dragon Quest and designer of Dragon Quest XI.

As seen in the video, Horii announces that the game will be receiving a western release, being translated into five languages although other than English, none of them have been revealed. Whilst not stated in the video, the Youtube account in the comments does confirm that the game will release in 2018 and more news will be shared this Fall/Autumn. It is also not stated which versions will be translated. The PS4 and 3DS versions are both pretty safe bets although seeing as we have yet to see the Switch version even in Japan, it may be unlikely to see it release in the west.

One analyst predicted that DQXI will sell up to 5 million units in Japan alone. Perhaps that would revitalise their video game market…

The game was released in Japan just the other day on the 28th July and is already seeing the high demand it is known for in it’s country of origin. Whilst western countries may not have that kind of hype for Dragon Quest, fans certainly do. Are you excited for Dragon Quest XI? And what do you think this means for Square as they begin to gear up for a very exciting 2018?

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