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Destiny 2 Beta Discussion (PS4 Story Only)

What Destiny 2 Beta Story Was About

Destiny 2 Beta starts off by allowing you to choose what type of character class you want to be. There are three types of characters: titan, warlock, and hunter (all with there very own special abilities). After choosing your character you get a cutscene showing that your home planet is being under attack. As your character you are flying with your robot from the first one Ghost is trying to hurry to check on what is happening. When they arrive they discover that the planet is in wreckage. Then they help with command to get the monsters away. After you do you get taken to the enemy and at the end see the main what looks like the main villain and he hurts ghost and looks over you with triumph and the beta ends.

My Thoughts On Destiny 2 Beta

The beta overall had an average enjoyment. For someone who hadn’t play the first would recommend it because it will get confusing. The controls for the game felt good (like a regular shooting game). The visuals/ graphics were well especially looking at the planet in a wreckage (it had almost looked like a movie). Destiny 2 should be a game that gets a lot of attention when it comes out.