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Larxene: sadistic sensibilities, or just annoying?

all aboard the hype train! choo choo!

Hello, fine people of a bad password, a quick announcement. Monday of next week starts kingdom hearts hype week, where Mothfloss and I do a quick retrospective of the series. I am still preparing my review of three of the games, but for right now, here is a small article to keep things interesting.

pain is relative. as in my relatives cause me pain.

so upon perusing Larxene’s wiki page, you are greeted with this fine bit of text. “More pain for you means more fun for me!” this, is exactly what personifies a sadist. someone who enjoys the pain of others. the game even confirms it calling her “cold and unfeeling”. if this is not evidence enough, I have a word deadline and you may need more convincing.

the knife in the library

take a look at larxenes weapon. small knives, the game calls them throwing knives. I have watched animations of the character, and she never throws them. she only scratches enemies. ever been scratched by an animal before? it hurts like bejeezus, but it doesn’t cause major injury, lest it was by a bob cat or lion. as previously mentioned before, Larxene enjoys pain, and her brass knuckle knife things are the perfect way to squeeze the most pain out of someone before killing them.

in conclusion

Larxene is a sadist, pure and simple. glad she got what she deserved in chain of memories.

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