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Pokémon X Version Discussion


Pokémon X Version Positives

Pokémon X Version is the first of the series to be on the Nintendo 3Ds and 2Ds. There are many positives that this game provides which made this game good. The first thing that was good about this game was being able to customize your character. Since the beginning your character was mainly generic not being able to do much but in this game they have allowed you to change clothes, hair styles, and much more.  The other thing that I found positive about this  game is the graphic. The graphic have really improved since the beginning and looking back from Red, Blue and Yellow version till now really show that they took care of the game. Finally the last thing that is somewhat a positive for me is still keeping the core game what it is.

What is Negative about Pokémon X Version?

When thinking about this game this article from GameSpot really defined the negative feeling I had for this game. “Pokémon X/Y–the first of the main series to make it onto the 3DS–is the same Pokémon experience at its core, which means it’s a compelling adventure driven by complex rock-paper-scissors-like gameplay and a charming cast of hundreds of creatures to capture (Ramsay).” Even though it is a good thing to keeps it core functions it is a good thing to give a surprise every ones in a while. The other thing that was a negative was being able to get the first generation Pokémon from the professor. It did not feel like getting them was deserving (just being able to get them was just random). The last thing I found negative about the game was the Looker mission. At first I did not know that this mission existed until after hearing it from someone. Even though it is something that happens after the game it was a short mission, it did not get you into the story and you wouldn’t have know it was there until you really paid attention and knew for sure.


Final thoughts on Pokémon X Version

I believe this game was an okay game to begin with in this series on new generations. It has low point and high points to enjoy and hate. I believe however, they should go back to a time where you are able to go back to old regions for one time. It would be refreshing for old fans and have new fans see the classics. It is still a okay game to play but they should have some chances to it’s core every once in a while.