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Top 5 Gaming mascots from the 90’s.

The 90’s saw the rise of the world of mascots with everyone vying to make their iconic mark in the industry. Some have been successful with Pikachu and Sonic the hedgehog still known today others have not like Bubsy. So I give you my list for top 5 gaming mascots from the 90’s

5. Earthworm Jim

An iconic mascot from the 90’s who hasn’t quite transitioned into the 21st century well. Jim is a symbol that gamers from the 90’s will look at as the 2d platformer of a bad ass earthworm, with some zany comedy thrown in. it received recognition of it’s greatness at the time by getting game of the year for 1994.

4. Spyro the Dragon

A character many recall fondly from the 90’s who is the latest to be rumored for a remaster on the current generation of consoles. A game that kickstarted a series with many ups and downs but still gets brought up shows how well Sony and Insomniac did to start the series and set the once in a blue moon dragon on his adventures. The ups and downs of the series can be partially credited to the ownership changing hands 5 times.

3. Sonic

The blue blur of the 90’s was gone almost as quick as the years were, peaking in the 90’s being neck and neck with rival Mario for the top mascot. Sega’s Genesis system was sold on the hedgehogs back, before the flop in the early 2000’s with the Dreamcast. Since then there’s been many attempts at revivals and sequels of sonic but never quite as good as the originals from the 90’s. However he is still enjoying reasonable success currently with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces in the works.

2. Crash

Crash Bandicoot, having recently inspired a new generation and bringing in old fans alike with N-Sane trilogy. The jumping, spinning bandicoot was a classic dorky mascot of the 90’s along with revolutionary level design this classic mascot set the pace and standard for 3d games for a long time. Crash followed a similar path to Spyro into the 21st century with lows and highs and an eventual hiatus in 2011. The crash N-sane trilogy has reignited love and admiration of the game with many also reminiscing on the crushing difficulty in the platformer. This recent hype around Crash has led the way for rumours already circling about developer Vicarious Visions expressing interest in making more Crash games, but no official word as of yet.

1. Pikachu

Coming in at number 1 Starting out in ’97 Pikachu has been the mascot of arguably the most successful and lengthy series of video games and also anime in pokemon. Inspiring countless movies now and still going strong as the face of Nintendo along with Mario. Pikachu has even featured as a mascot for his country Japan at the Olympic games and World cup, surely the pinnacle for any character from a video game. With Pikachu at the face of Pokemon we can expect them to keep going strong for many more years appealing to long time fans and also drawing in kids and kids of fans.