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KH retrospective: 358/2 days

358/2 days until the moon crashes

welcome to my first article in the retrospective, on 358/2 days, the handheld adventure that took our hearts and minds, locked them in a capsule, and made us do an unpaid internship of slaying monsters. bet you wont find that in a cubicle office.

also, spoilers.

log date, 358/2

I got this game in 2010 if I remember correctly, and played it obsessively, having gotten my DS just a year before. I loved the characters, the Storyline, got me hooked with its mystery, the characters, I enjoyed because they all were unique, and like a fair share of other kingdom hearts fans, I didn’t understand the story until a fair amount of googling. but after being under the cover of nostalgia for about 7 years, I play it again to see if it was really as good as I remember.


first off, the graphics aren’t exactly top notch, but were talking about a 3d game on the original ds. for what they’re trying to convey, they do great. the music, even from the opening, evokes a sense, of sadness, regret, even longing, and like all kingdom hearts games worth there salt, every bit of music is great, from the twilight town theme, to the final battle against Riku’s Dubstep Esque battle theme. the enemy design, is so so, going from the interesting (darkside) to the plain annoying (that weird fucking onion grave thing, and king of the sky).

honestly I got annoyed numerous times, mostly at that stupid green emerald thing. the characters, like most KH games, are interesting, but undermined by the really stupid voice lines, although I was touched by the care the trio showed for each other, even as the game began to end, and everything fell into chaos. the storyline is hard to follow, but when the game wants to pull an emotional punch, it does it incredibly well, evoking more than a few tears from me.

the characters, even today seem like what you would expect from a cast of nihlistic beast slayers. the panel’s element allows a lot of customization, something usually not seen in a kingdom hearts game. the worlds are well designed, but often closed up, not allowing for to much exploration, but I suppose that makes you have to do your mission, which is the goal in the first place.

358/2 dollars is your balance

my score? 8.3/10. the game play, music, characters and rpg elements are fun, whereas the enemies and story are a mixed bad, and the repetitive action is a dead weight on this score.




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