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Competition Mode Returns for Sonic Mania

With now less than a week until release, Sega are constantly throwing out bits of news and info on Sonic Mania and they have just showed of footage for the local co-op, Competition Mode. Whilst we did already know of it’s existence, the footage shows us that it will play very similarly to Sonic 2 and 3. It uses the same vertical split screen that the originals used, for better or worse, and you can play as Sonic, Tails, ‘& KNUCKLES’!

As far as we know this is exclusive to offline players but an interesting feature that may keep things interesting is that players will not just be competing for the fastest time. Points, Rings, items, and the total amount of Rings collected throughout (whether they were lost or not) will all be taken into consideration to decide who is real winner. In both the trailer and extra screenshots, we also get a look at more of the game’s menus, and that players will be able to decide how many rounds there are in a match.

There’s clearly no younger brother out of these two!

An interesting detail that seems to have divided fans is the announcer heard in the trailer. Some find him rather hilarious and others, downright annoying. A fact that may sway some fans (some with good ears could already tell) is that the announcer is actually Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, the famous Japanese video game composer that performed the vocals on the Daytona USA games. He has done lots of work for Sega in the past and has worked on multiple Sonic titles, including Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Gems Collection, and the vocals for Tropical Jungle in Sonic 06.

Whilst he may not be composing anything this time (as far as we know), it is great to hear an iconic Sega voice in what is looking like one of their best Sonic games, as opposed to one of their worst. Speaking (or writing) of composing, the Official Sonic Youtube account has uploaded one last track from Sonic Mania by the request of the fans in the most recent Sonic live stream. The track itself is the mini boss theme from the game and is titled: “Danger on the Dance Floor”. I’m sure that name had some sort of inspiration from somewhere or other…

Should it need to be asked again, are you excited for Sonic Mania? If you want see more footage from the game or hear about what was revealed at San Diego Comic Con, be sure to check out our coverage linked within the text. There’s less than a week remaining until the release of Sonic Mania so I’ll change the question. Can you contain your hype?!

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