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UFO 50 Announced – Collects 50 New 8-bit Games

The other day, the creators of indie hits: Spelunky, Downwell, Time Barons, Skorpulac and Madhouse announced a brand new game titled UFO 50, or perhaps games is the correct term. UFO 50 is a collection of ‘new’ 8-bit retro games that is set to be released for PC in 2018. As the title suggests, there will 50 full length games that may not be as big as a full commercial 80s game, although the team tells us that the collection “could easily take over a hundred hours”.

As you can see in the trailer above, the game will have multiple genres stretching from platformer to sports, to a tropical island-themed tower defence game. The game clearly takes inspirations in it’s 50 titles and this is even acknowledged in the game’s story, which states that all these games were created by a fictional company in the 80’s that was “ahead of it’s time”. Roughly a third of the games will contain multiplayer, and other platforms will be considered after the launch of the PC version.

Let’s play: Guess which game this was inspired by! We don’t remember there being any slime monsters in those early GTAs though.

As fun as all this sounds, we do have a few concerns from what we’ve seen. First of all, seeing as all these games are being considered ‘almost full games’, we do worry that the game overall may take a long time to develop and might push that 2018 date. That being said, we don’t know how long the game has been in development for and how much of the game is complete. Despite this, many similar crowd-funded games in this style have seen multiple push backs in release date, but this isn’t crowd funded.

By the looks of things, these games will still have some retro challenge.

Then there’s the fact we’re looking at another retro-pixel art game, although we’ll push this aside for now as it’s not a fault with the game itself. We also wonder how original many of these games will be. Whilst this was hinted at in the game’s story, which we mentioned earlier, we do think some of these games could be downright rip-offs. Although, the developers could be going for more of an authentic dodgy 80’s video game collection cart that could have “52 GAMES IN 1!!!”. Yes. You know the one.

All concerns aside, UFO 50 looks like it could be a very interesting game with hours of potential fun and replayability. This just depends on how it is handled by the developers. Are you excited for the game? Here at A Bad Password, we are cautiously optimistic and will keep you updated on the game. Oh, and I love that Rhythm Heaven looking art.




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