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Chicken Wiggle Launches on August 17th, What is it?

In Short

This Thursday, August 17th, Chicken Wiggle will launch on the Nintendo 3DS eshop. What on Earth is it? Chicken Wiggle is a platforming game developed by the 2D post-Renegade Kid successor, Atooi, and it could be easily mistaken for a 2D Banjo-Kazooie game. It features a story mode but this is only a side attraction when compared to the level creator. The level creator allows for the creation of levels (obviously) and online sharing. The man behind all this is Jools Watsham. Founder of the studio Atooi, and co-founder of the now closed Renegade Kid.

In a bit More Depth

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Chicken Wiggle was first announced back around the end of August last year (the 31st to be precise). It had been previously announced that the game studio Renegade Kid would close down and one of it’s co-founders, Jools Watsham, would use his side studio, Atooi, to continue developing 2D games. Jools went on to announce Chicken Wiggle and began development immediately, revealing initial game plans such as the previously mentioned level creator.

I mean Chicken’s gotta be a chicken, right?

The game stars titular characters: Chicken and Wiggle (Chicken… the chicken? and Wiggle the worm) as they play through 8 Worlds in order to rescue the townsfolk from a ‘nasty witch’ (ay, is that another Banjo reference?). In each level their will be a certain amount of Gems to collect, and letters that spell out FUN, in a similar style to the Donkey Kong Country games. Their will also be five different power-ups available in the game that can give the duo some new or improved abilities.

The game also includes a level creator, which has been built in a similar way to the one found in Super Mario Maker. This level creator was in fact used to make all the levels in the game’s story mode and features all content right from the get go. Funnily enough, the game has online sharing for user created levels which the 3DS version of Mario Maker did not have.

Interestingly the game was originally priced at $10 but has since been upped to $14.99. We had also previously heard of an IOS port, which was to be sold at the same price as the 3DS version, however we haven’t heard much on this version in a while and the game’s site seems to be entirely devoted to the 3DS. We doubt it’s been cancelled though seeing as Atooi is experienced in the mobile field released their first game on that platform.

So what do you think of Chicken Wiggle? Will you be picking up the game on August 17th when it launches on the 3DS? Or will you be too busy playing Sonic Mania? Tell us in the comments below.

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