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Sonic Mania Opening Animation Out Early! PC Version Delayed!

Just then, the hype train for probably over a quarter of Sonic Mania players just screeched to halt. Or maybe more depending on who’s been spoiled. Yes, the street date has been broken for Sonic Mania and some players have gotten access to the game early. This happened through the Nintendo Switch. Some companies shipped the collector’s edition of Sonic Mania early and it turns out the Switch does not have anything in it’s system that prevents players with a code from playing a game early.

Because of this, Sega were forced to release the opening animation on Youtube on Friday rather than Monday 14th when it was supposed to be shown off, a day before the game’s launch. The opening is once again animated by Tyson Hesse, and features new music by Hyper Potions titled ‘Friends’. We should mention that the opening contains a few tiny spoilers if you want to go in completely blind. These are: One of the Hard Boiled Heavies, and two of the returning zones in the background.

Sega later held what some fans have dubbed “the emergency live stream” which revealed some rather disappointing news. This is what we meant when we said that probably over a quarter of players have had their hype train crash and burn. The Sonic Mania PC version has been delayed by two weeks to August 29th, coincidentally on the same day as Yakuza Kiwami, another Sega game. This was apparently for more optimisation as told to us by Aaron Webber who revealed the news in a very messy live stream.

The team at Sega did manage to bring up the news somewhat with an unboxing of the collector’s edition for the game. Here we learned that 26 of the North American boxes that had been sent out had been signed by members of Sonic Team. We were also told that as an apology for the delay that all PC users that pre-ordered the game will receive a free copy of the original Sonic 1. Not the Taxman port. Yay.

Trying to avoid leaks like:

We advise you try to steer clear of Youtube if you’ve been watching a lot of Sonic related videos, to avoid spoilers. Here at A Bad Password we have not received review copies, so we will probably not have a review out immediately. We are however planning a group impressions article further down the line once we’ve all had a chance to play the game. If you want the opinions of the rest of the press, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow at the following times: 4pm BST, 11am ET, 8am PT. What do you think of the delay? Tell us in the comments below, or if you’d rather, check out our other coverage such as the recently revealed Competition Mode.

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