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IMO Music in video games.

Music plays a huge part in video games. More often than not music can make or break a game. Acoustic, electronic, orchestral or rock. Music has the power to set the mood. As well as evoke emotion whether its slow and somber to evoke sadness. Or hard rock to pump you up for a boss fight. The reason I praise music in video games is because. If I want to be fully sold I need good music to be fully invested. But it also doesn’t hurt to just have something to tap your toes too.

For example Doom as you mow down waves upon waves of hell’s demons. Some heavy metal really fits the mood, Final fantasy’s orchestral score sets you up for the grand adventure ahead, Crash bandicoot has some sweet jungle beats or Halo’s original theme song is just plain epic. Music has the power to manipulate emotion.

But you could say that works for any other visual media such as movies and TV. And it does but something really sticks with you when you hear a great soundtrack in a game. The feeling of raw emotion kind of like when you are about to face off with the final boss. It’s more of like a “I’m going to kick your ass” feeling. Or feeling sad for the death if a character, Get angry at the villain. That is what music in video games can do.

Dark souls for example really sets the tone for the game. As there isn’t much music until the bosses. Where it goes from zero to eleven real quick. As if it’s saying “This boss is going to kill the a shit out of you”. Not to mention the boss music is wonderful in its terror. But that is what music can do it can make you feel. Happy, sad, angry all sorts of things and that is really cool. Massive props to music composers.



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