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raspberry pi 3/retropie review

I like pi!

I have had a good month to play with my raspberry pi. it appears its time for me to get off of my laurels and review it.


thats not my real review score. I just thought it was funny. either way. Set up is easy, HDMI first, Micro USB last for some reason. load some games on an SD card in the right folder, and plug in the controller for some retro fun. and ROM’S arent the only thing you can play! quake clones, RPG maker MV games, and small little programs. you can play your favorite mp3 and mp4 files off of anywhere with kodi, can access the internet and other services with a keyboard and mouse, and learn a little bit of linux along the way! price wise, for a case, and the pi itself, its a great deal! almost everybody has an SD card and a micro usb lying around, and for almost infinite hours of play, its an amazing deal!

do or do not, there is no pi

my review 9.9/10. theres a little bit of complexity, as the one point off dictates, but I think this is one of my favorite tech purchases to date.




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