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Sonic Adventure 2 Rapper Creates New Knuckles Rap for the First Time in 15 Years

There are many things in Sonic Adventure 2 that spark furious debates between fans, and one of those things is the treasure hunting stages, in which you play as either Knuckles the Echidna or Rouge the Bat. More specifically, the music that plays within those stages when played as Knuckles. As you gather shards for the Master Emerald, music by a rapper called Hunnid-P is played (standing for 100%). Whilst this rap music has not been enjoyed by some, many fans adore it’s cheesy-ness and perception of Knuckles as a character.

Here he is guys. The man that made Knuckles who he is today. As well as a whole lot of memes.

Those fans may be pleased to know that along with Doryan Nelson, a self-proclaimed Sonic connoisseur, Hunnid-P has created a brand new Knuckles rap called K.T.E. Cypher (K.T.E. standing for Knuckles The Echidna), and he still has it! It sounds like it could have come right out of the SA2 soundtrack and has been made as a sort-of tribute to the recently released Sonic Mania.

In recent years, he has been slightly more active, wanting to work with Sega back in 2012 by claiming he was working on a new Sonic game, although later admitted he wasn’t, and giving an interview with fans during last years ‘Fund the Charity Room’ event. In this interview he revealed many interesting facts about his involvement on Sonic Adventure 2, such as how he wrote all the Knuckles raps within a day. As well as this, he gave many opinions on the series, such as his favourite Sonic characters (take a wild guess) and what he thinks of Sonic Adventure 2.

Even if Sega don’t seem to interested in working with him again, would you like him to? What do you think of this new rap? Tell us in the comments below.

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