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New Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Trailer Shown Off as well as Other Pokemon News

After skipping E3, we haven’t heard much news on the new versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon since there announcement back in their Direct in June, although we have finally got new trailers today. We get a look at the new designs for the male and female protagonists as well as a variety of snippets of gameplay. We also hear about new Z-Moves coming to the game and how the story will be set around the legendary Pokemon Necrozma, from the game’s website (You may need to wait a bit for it to load).

We have also gotten a look at the map for the game which provides some details as to how the world has changed. It is drawn from a completely different time of day which is reflected on the ocean’s colour change, and we can see a huge warp-hole above Poni Island. There is also a number of new buildings that have popped up in empty spaces and changes in areas of land.

The change in time most likely represents the dusk period that splits between day and night. It’s certainly makes for some nice art.

We hear from the game’s website that it will support the same languages as before and more Pokemon NPC’s will be dotted around the game’s world. Alongside this, a variety of screenshots were released that include the player using Z-Moves, choosing from the face options, and facing off against Necrozma in one scene. We also get a look at the game’s boxart that was shown off at the end of the trailer, which can be found below with the more important screenshots.

Here we can see the player facing off against Necrozma. Come on! Man Vs. Pokemon!
Solgaleo and Lunala are getting new armoured forms based on Necrozma.

Also shown off in the trailer that we’ve already seen some details of previously is Lycanroc’s new Dusk form that will be a Rock type and have the ability Tough Claws. The ‘dusk’ theme seems to be how this game is differentiating itself from the original Sun and Moon from what we can see. We hope the Pokemon Company begins to roll out more details as the game gets gradually closer to it’s release on November 17 2017, because at the moment we still don’t know a whole lot and it really isn’t doing a whole lot that makes it worthy of a purchase for past players.

Shame we’re missing out on those goodies, although at least we’re getting a box, unlike North America.

That’s not all the news for today though. We also found out that the Virtual Console rereleases for Pokemon Gold and Silver will be receiving physical versions in Europe and Japan. This seems to be something mostly aimed at collectors though as in Europe, nothing comes in the box except a download code. Of course, this is completely different in Japan though. There, the box comes with stickers, cartridge based magnets, and a poster. The port will release on September 22 2017 for both physically and digitally versions in all regions, although some won’t be receiving the physical version.

A look at the Japanese versions. These come with real goodies too!

What do you think of what was shown off today? Are you excited for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Or not bothered entirely? Tell us in the comments below.

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