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Yakuza 6 Release Date Revealed and New Localised Gameplay Shown Off

There’s a lot going on for Yakuza fans this month. The release of Yakuza Kiwami, the upcoming announcements of possibly two new Yakuza games, and now a release date for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, the final chapter for the series currant protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu. The game’s previous date of early 2018 has been finalised as March 20 2018 for both America and Europe, and the game will be releasing both physically and digitally.

We also got a trailer showing off localised gameplay, which began with telling us not to “mess with his schedule”. Yes Kazuma Kiryu is a busy man. We get to see this in a similar fashion to the Kiwami gameplay trailer we saw last month, which started by showing the core gameplay of smacking down a variety of goons and then moving on to the side-activities. In this game specifically we get to see not only some of the game’s ridiculous street fights, but new technical enhancements that are coming to the game using PS4 hardware.

These include, no transitions between fights, being able to run over a large distance whilst you fight, and the new modern graphics that blow 0 and Kiwami out of the water. All this is being run on the new Dragon Engine. We can also see Kiryu traversing the series’ famous location, Kamurocho, and the real-life city of Hiroshima, as well as catching a glimpse of the game’s new HUD. We can then see how the game’s menus will work and how the upgrading system will come into play.

We then get a look at the game’s new side-activites as well as the series’ famous sub-stories, which in this particular case features a women hanging of the top of building needing to be rescued. Just your usual yakuza stuff. The new mini-games and other features include taking selfies, feeding/cuddling cats, shooting a load of fish with a harpoon and using the Dualshock’s motion controls to play with a baby. Honestly, what did you expect?

The disc art looks great but we hope it’s not on the box. Might not help the game sell.

At the end of the trailer, various special editions for the game are shown off. First we have the Launch Edition that comes with a hardcover art book, coming in at $59.99. And then we have the ‘After Hours’ Premium Edition. This beast comes with the same hardcover art book, 2 bar glasses (280ml), 2 ice stones (one featuring the heat action symbol, the other, the Kiwami symbol), 2 coasters, and a nice big box to put it all in. In America this will retail at a rather affordable $89.99, however prices for other regions are to be confirmed. Lets hope it doesn’t get damaged in the post.

Prepare to get drunk with Yakuza 6! I mean what else could you do with this?

So what do you think of all this? Be it the release date, trailer, or special editions, be sure to tell us in the comments below. Also, the remake of the first Yakuza game, Yakuza Kiwami, is set to launch next week on Tuesday 29 August. If you’re wondering why we love the series so much, you should check out this article here.

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