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Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC and Smartphones – All the Updates from Gamescom

As promised, the team at Square Enix have revealed a slew of new Final Fantasy news, updates and teases at Gamescom. To start things off, Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC through Steam as many had previously predicted after seeing it run on NVIDIA hardware back in March. The game will feature upgraded graphics in the way of 4K high-res textures, realistic grass simulation, advanced hair simulation, and more, as well as a first person camera mode.

The graphical enhancements come using GameWorks technology and will be able to run up to 8K resolution. It will release sometime in early 2018 and will feature all DLC previously released through the season pass. It’s pretty safe to say it looks visually stunning and their are certainly some PC users out their that have been waiting for this.

Next up we have the Smartphone port for Final Fantasy XV. “But how could FFXV run on mobile devices?” I here you ask. Well it turns out this is a fairly different experience. Introducing Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. A chibi-fied version of the original game. Check out the trailer above and you’ll see the visuals look more akin to the mobile (originally DS remakes) ports of some of the earlier titles in the series. The game still has the same voices and soundtrack but the battle system seems to have had a slight overhaul to enable it to be more user-friendly to mobile users.

Looks like somebody got stuck halfway through the chibi-fier.

Whilst the frame rate looks like it definitely needs improvement, as well as sorting out those speech boxes, it does look like a different experience when compared to the console (and now PC) versions which may warrant a second purchase for some. And it won’t cost a penny to try out as the game will be free for it’s first ‘episode’ when it releases in the Fall of this year for IOS and Android. There will be a total of 10 episodes which leaves us wondering how they’ll split up the console version’s 15 chapters.

Also known to many as Final Fantasy XV: Fishing with the boys.

We also got to hear about Final Fantasy XV Monster of the Deep, the fishing VR spin-off. It is set for release on 21 November 2017 for PS4/PSVR. We got multiple screenshots of the game that show that we’ll be fishing in a few new areas, as well as many returning fishing spots from the main game. We also got to see that the game will make use of the avatar creation system that is being used in the FFXV online expansion, Comrades. These avatars will be used as profile pictures to other players when comparing record fish weight.

Why a bunch of hunters have taken up fishing may never be known but then again, not much makes sense in the FFXV universe anymore.

Other details we heard include online tournaments, the ability to purchase items and customise them, and that pre-ordering the game will net you a free PS4 theme featuring background music and a design with Noctis standing next to a pool of water. There will also be a samurai avatar costume available to those in Japan who pre-order.

Why the development team decided to make this now of all things, but it does look pretty neat.

We then got information on this month’s regular FFXV update which will provide us with a chapter select option allowing you to start again from any chapter, and a bestiary that will give you an in-depth look at all the enemies in the game which might be worth while considering how great the game’s enemy designs are. Hajime Tabata also hinted (basically confirmed) that the team are working on something FFXV related for a console, that when talking to Twitch said “sounds a little bit like you guys, your name ‘Twitch'”.

Whether it will be the original version, Pocket version, or something entirely new we don’t know for sure, but we can definitely tell he is referring to the Nintendo Switch. So what do you think of Gamescom’s Final Fantasy XV news? Tell us your highlights in the comments below.

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