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Final fantasy VI review

the fantasy is dead.

I have got my raspberry pi and have been playing 90’s games nonstop. what do I think of an old classic? lets find out!

I am Kefka. destroyer of worlds.

first off, the pixel art is beautiful as most of the SNES era games are. the music is beautiful, the story interesting, with pseudo-cyberpunk feels mixed with traditional final fantasy story, with the 1000 year loss of magic broken by a young girl. the dialogue, which would probably be cliche and annoying, is simple, and makes the character lovable.

if only, if only, the difficulty soft as the moon.

the difficulty spike goes 0-gofuckyourself in 2.4 seconds. the game can be cruel, as most early RPG games, but if you stick with it, it gets much better. for a SNES game, the difficulty is rather pleasant.

you are guilty chrono!

final verdict? 8.9/10. the difficulty, (I’m just a millenial, please don’t hurt me) can be unpleasant, but under that is a great game.




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