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Final Fantasy XV Getting Assassin’s Creed DLC

Final Fantasy seems to be getting a lot of crossovers at the moment. Just recently we had Snow and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII promoting Nissan cars, and the Regalia from Final Fantasy XV making an appearance in Forza Horizon 3, and they aren’t stopping yet. After the slew of FFXV news we got earlier this week, Square Enix have now announced Assassin’s Creed crossover DLC for the game (c’mon Square, how much was it this time?).

“Beautifully conducted artwork, but I’m not quite sure whether the dagger suits Noct’.” – Ignis Scientia, 2017

Whilst it may seem completely ridiculous, there actually seems to be a fair bit of effort put into this. The DLC seems to include new story content, gameplay, and side-content much like one of the character focused Episodes. The DLC was announced at Gamescom 2017 by Ubisoft and Square, and has apparently been in the works for around three years, since the teams met up at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) one year. A trailer was also released although if the DLC episodes are anything to go by, it may actually spoil a wealth of the content, so watch at your own risk (I guess?).

What we do get to see in the trailer is quite interesting though. Lestallum, an important town in the game, has redecorated itself for the “Assassin’s Festival”, with banners and posters covering the place, and we get to see Noctis and the gang donned in Assassin’s Creed themed costumes. The trailer then moves on, showing off parkour style gameplay. Yes, Noctis is going to be jumping from high-pointed buildings, and performing a load of stealth kills. After this we get to see Loqi, one of the game’s many underdeveloped villains, getting some more time in the spotlight.

I guess Assassin’s Creed for Lestallum is like Dragon Quest for Japan?

As well as briefly seeing Cindy, we also get a look at some mini-games which tie-in to this being a festival. The event is described as being very similar to the Moogle Chocobo Carnivle Event, and players that were part of that event will get a “Master Assassin’s Robes” outfit for Noctis a day before the DLC releases. Other exclusive items will also be up for grabs during the event such as the “Medjay Assassin’s Robes” for the whole gang.

Final Fantasy XV: Assassinating with the Chocobros?

Whilst many may complain, it does actually look pretty good, and considering it’s free, it’s at least worth giving a go when it releases on August 31st. So will you be trying it out? Be sure to tell us in the comments below, and look out for our review if we find the content worth while. For our opinions on the most recently released DLC, Episode Prompto, click here.

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