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Warhammer: Vermintide II gets a teaser trailer

So, this sort of came out of the blue – or perhaps more accurately, slinking forth from the sewers. After nearly two years, Warhammer End Times: Vermintide II looks set to pick up the reigns its predecessor left – after the first Vermintide sold more than a million copies on Steam – and those who’ve been missing their giant rat-killing fix couldn’t be happier.

The teaser trailer appeared yesterday on YouTube with little initial fanfare, quite in keeping with the insidious nature of the first game’s enemies – the Skaven. Given the recent ‘reveal’ (though any who were paying attention were hardly surprised) of the rat-men as one of the initial four playable races in Total War: Warhammer II, it perhaps shouldn’t come as a shock that they’d be slinking back to the surface in promising for Warhammer Fantasy video games, and fans of the setting can only hope that this signals more to come.

As for the teaser trailer itself, there’s so far relatively little to discuss beyond the game’s existence itself. The presence of the Skaven’s three-pointed symbol (and the fact its kept the Vermintide name) suggests that the rat-men will once again feature as the game’s primary antagonists; sites such as Eurogamer, however, have pointed out that the gurgling in the background seems a rather deliberate addition. Speculation exists that this could hint at the forces of the God of Plagues, Nurgle, making an appearance – either in the form of the armies of Chaos proper, or the Skaven faction of Clan Pestilens. The disease-themed forces of Clan Pestilens have appeared in several Warhammer games in the past, including Mark of Chaos and Total War: Warhammer II. It’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that they may feature as the prime villains of Vermintide II.

As for who the players will be taking control of, and where in the Warhammer World the game will be set, there’s little indication at present. The iconic Warrior Priests of the Empire seem like a strong contender for a playable class, and this writer certainly would not be surprised to see Dwarf Slayers or the Knights of Bretonnia combatting the Skaven menace. There’s also a chance that characters from the first game will be making a return – is it really Vermintide, after all, if Victor Saltzpyre and his hat don’t feature?

Vermintide II will be ‘revealed’ on October 17, giving fans just over a month to speculate over what changes the sequel will bring. We’ll be sure to cover as much information as we can when the worldwide reveal drops…provided that the agents of the Skaven don’t get us first, of co-

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