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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Discussion

The Story of Uncharted The Lost Legacy

August 22, 2017 saw Naughty Dog and Sony released Uncharted The Lost Legacy for the PS4. This story follows game followed Chloe Frazer (a side character for the previous Uncharted games) and Nadine Ross (another side character from Uncharted) trying to get the Tusk of Ganesh. They travel through India facing off against the enemy of this game Asav.

Near the ending of the game they meet up with another side character Sam Drake (Nathan Drake’s brother) as Nadine discovers that Chloe was working with him from the beginning. As they again felt Asav’s wrath they continually work together and later become partners. They discover Asav’s true plan after defeating his minion and they go after him to stop him. After the last battle they win, Chloe and Nadine become partners and decide to give the tusk to the museum.

What was good and bad about Uncharted The Lost Legacy

First I will discuss the good about Uncharted. The best thing about the game was the visuals. Naughty Dog really does well in showing the greatness of there worlds and this game did not disappoint. The second thing that was good about this game was the multiplayer. The multiplayer is fun, interesting, and has a couple of modes you can play (It reminds me of a tamed version of The Last of Us).

The third and last thing that was good about this game was the development of the the two main characters of the game. In an article by the Rolling Stones they quoted the developer of Naughty Dog for the pairing of the two, “the decision to team up Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy came from a desire to find the “best and worst” combination of characters, developer Naughty Dog says (Hester)”.

Now, lets discuss about what was bad about the game. The biggest thing that was bad about this game is that it’s to short. In comparing the Lost Legacy to Uncharted 4 the difference in chapters is 15. Another thing that was bad for this game that relates to the chapters is that this is going to be a standalone game. In another quote from the Rolling Stones article states that “it is a standalone title taking place after the events of Uncharted 4 (Hester)”. It is confusing knowing that this is just a one off so the question is what does this game do for the story?

Final thoughts on Uncharted The Lost Legacy

This game overall was an okay game. The visuals were great, the multiplayer was fun and it had good character development with the main characters. The main question now is what is next? Since this game is a standalone are we going back to Nathan Drake or someone related to him? It is just a bad thing having this game not relate or do something more for the series. We shall see what come next but this game is okay and would be a recommendation for those who want to play it.