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Hitman The Complete First Season Discussion

The Story of Hitman

March 11, 2016 saw IO Interactive publish Hitman a episodic game that tells Agent 47 beginning in the agency. Diana Burnwood a current member of the agency hires a new recruit who is quickly put to the test to see if he can be what they are looking for. After three training missions in Agent 47 is born.

In an article from Eurogamer this quote describing the game sums up what the main story is about which isĀ ” Hitman is a game for the times because it’s essentially about taking revenge on the impossibly rich – not just by killing them outright, but by breaching their sanctums, winding your way into their routines, impersonating their most trusted confidantes or protectors and, in general, hollowing their lives out until the final blow comes to seem like an act of mercy (Thirlwell).”

In the end you find out that there is a traitor in the agency and your job is to kill him. After you do Agent 47 disappears as Diana is meet by a person from the agency where he shows her a picture of young 47 where the game goes to black and ends.

What was good and bad about Hitman?

Let’s start with the good. One of the good things this game offered was that Diana Burnwood got to be a character. In the old games and movies Diana is a character who just tells what 47 does and that is it. Now showing that she cares for 47, cares for the agency and say things really does make this game different and actually show a story.

The last thing that made this game good is the environments. Going through each environment was something enjoyable to see and makes you want to look at it more. Even though the graphics where almost the same as Absolution it was still a nice thing to see.

Now for the bad things. I think one of the biggest thing that hitman lost is it’s sounds in the environment. The deaths, and the sounds of interactions just were nothing in compared to Absolution where they sounded more realistic. The second thing which is not to bad is that the graphics. The graphics improved a little bit but it is not so much that you can easily notice. The third that was bad about this game was the gameplay. the killings, interactions, a little bit of story is just the same thing from Absolution which was a bit boring and plaid out.

The last thing I would say that made this game bad was having it in episodes. I received the steel box edition this year mainly because it was on sale and it was the whole first season. When it first came out I had no interest in the game since the cost was not right, waiting for a new level when it comes out, almost the same thing as Absolution and it wasn’t presented as something I want.

Final Take on Hitman

Hitman (2016) was a disappointing game that could have been made better. There are positives to this game as it pertains to having a small story, and environments. But this game had too many negatives or okay things that doesn’t scream buy this game. I would recommend it when it is cheap, but not when it is new or at a really high price.