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How to Nab Yourself a Special Hat-Wearing Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Some of you out there may have heard about the upcoming 20th Pokemon movie, a retelling of the beginning of Ash’s journey in the Pokemon world. Now whether you like the way it is being retold or the distinct absence of Brock and Misty is up to you, but the Pokemon Company have announced a special distribution that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, whatever generation you’re part of. To celebrate the release of the film, you’ll be able to get your hands on a special hat-wearing Pikachu. Hat-wearing? Whatever generation your part of? Just one?

For those unaware, from left to right: First row – Unova, Sinnoh, Kalos. Second row – Original, Hoenn, Alola.

Here’s how it works, and pay attention. It gets a little complicated. On September 19th, the Pokemon website (UK link) will update with a code for any Hat-Wearing Pikachu. This code can only be used ONCE and which Pikachu you get will be determined by the date of the day you enter the code. Here are the dates for each hat and moveset: Original (Kanto/Johto): September 19th – 25th. Advanced (Hoenn): September 26th – October 2nd. Diamond and Pearl (Sinnoh): October 3rd – 9th. Black and White (Unova): October 10th – 16th. X and Y (Kalos): October 17th – 23rd. Sun and Moon (Alola): October 24th – 3oth.

It appears Japan already got this distribution at one point.

People who also attend the new movie’s dubbed screenings on November 5th and 6th will be given a special Pokemon Trading Card featuring Ash’s Pikachu and will also be given a special QR code that can be used to unlock Ash’s Pikachu wearing the redesigned original hat featured in Pokemon the Movie – I Choose You! This is exclusive to Ultra Sun and Moon however, but we’re sure scans of QR codes will make it online for fans to scan on to their 3DS’s.

Want one? Keep an eye out on ebay with your wallet containing 200$ spare cash.

Speaking of the new movie, a teaser trailer for the dub version was also released and can be viewed below. Make sure you tell us what you think of it and which hat you’ll be getting.

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