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NES classic review!

finding this console was like beating dark souls.

it was near impossible. but unlike dark souls, I actually succeeded. it was February and I called the all the local game stop each day. finally, one of them said they had it. I raced out the door, and headed up to Gamestop. I picked it up, along with a second controller and a extender, and I was ready to play some classic games.

A couple months late to the party

so. I booted this thing up. I was greeted with cheery music and a title screen that gave me some big nostalgia feels hit me. I tried all 30 games, and zelda was my favorite. I think modern game design has a lot to learn from these classics. you didn’t have instructions. just a sword. final fantasy and the original Mario Bros. were my follow up favorites. I played some balloon fight with my brother, and then I got my butt kicked by a generational gap of difficulty so wide that it made the Mariana trench blush.

if you don’t say WED-NES-DAY your a filthy liar

final review? 8.3/10. missing some stuff (2 feet of controller) and it could use a healthy boost of games.




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