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the importance of Archiving media

Disclaimer! this post is kind of an off shoot of what Kotaku wrote about the “home of the under dogs” website. I figured now is a good time to talk about this subject. the original article can be found here.¬† . with that in mind, enjoy!

No, there’s no play on words in this heading.

In the early 90’s and late 2000’s, widespread access to computer’s and the internet allowed hundreds of sites to pop up. sites known as abandonware, which allowed those who wanted to see old PC games come back to life, or play emulators could do so without paying loads of cash to do so. unfortunately, most of these sites were considered illegal, and put under the blanket of piracy. many were shot down, but soon after brought back up. one that was the victim of take downs, DMCA’s, and put under various re design’s was home of the under dogs. but were not here to talk about them today. that was only the backstory. we have now truly reached a tipping point.

rosebud, for bud was risen.

how often have you wanted to watch citizen kane, or some other great old movie, but found you had to pay a premium to the cable company for a work of beautiful art? the goal of these archival websites is to keep these forms of media, for students, for inspectors of the past, for predictors of the future. for the kid who heard they’re parents talk about a movie, but couldn’t find it. for the art student who needed to see what those who were famous before him did. all of these are valid reason for archival sites. and at this point, since most governments have given up on stopping these websites, we live in an age where the 15 year old kid doesn’t fear being fined 250,000 from the FBI. we still need to overcome some hurdles though.

Nintendo the vengeful struck down one emulator after the other

we still have companies like Nintendo slapping a big Ol’ DMCA on emulator sites, big corporations bringing down there old movies, and even if some sites are safe, they look like they came out of 2001, and are in dire need of redesigns, or the communities are toxic. But I believe with enough hard work, we can bring abandon ware out of the blanket statement of piracy, and show it as a way to preserve a medium.

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I am not russian. just for the sake of clarity.