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BOTW Mods brings CJ to Hyrule

Emulation is pretty much a fact of life when it comes to modern video games. Love it or hate it, one does have to spare a thought for the technical know-how of the folks who take the time to emulate consoles and make old media playable for future generations. The ethics of doing the same for current games is debatable at best, but supporters wouldn’t be inaccurate in claiming that emulation does provide new modding opportunities. One of the latest examples of the Legend of Zelda; BOTW mods has done just that, and it’s…erm…

Well, see for yourself.

Recovered from that, have you?

BOTW mods already existed before this, of course. Any popular game, particularly one belonging to the sandbox/open world genre, is ripe for a vibrant independent modding community – no matter how much Bethesda would like you to forget that fact. With those communities comes a share of creative, silly endeavours; still, there’s something bizarrely hilarious enough about seeing these IPs mashed together that it deserves a bit of time in the spotlight.

The ‘PC Master Race’ shield is a particularly nice touch, I have to say.

There’re a few possible reasons why San Andreas’ characters were chosen, and why they’ve been getting so much attention. Part of it of course is likely because San Andreas was by and large seen as a good game, and one in particular that likely holds a lot of nostalgia for modern-day modders. Big Smoke, one of the characters from the game, also briefly enjoyed a meme status not too long ago for his classic ‘number 9 large’ speech. If one was being cynical, they could always suppose that the mod’s creators were using that meme status to bring a little notoriety to themselves – but it’s a well-made product nonetheless, and any attention it garners is well deserved.

On top of that, it’s an encouraging sign that the community for BOTW mods is as alive as ever, even with the game getting on for half a year old. It’s a shame the Switch does not seem set up or intended to support a modding storefront, or similar – questions about the legitimacy of paid mods aside, doubtless many Nintendo fans who own the hardware would love to be able to add CJ and his unique ‘style’ into their own game.

All we had to do was save the damn Princess, CJ.

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