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steamworld heist review

19.99 is worth it.

not going to lie, this is quite possibly my favorite 3DS game out of anything, even animal crossing. This game awakens the tactician, the sci-fi nerd, and the anarchist in me all at once. let’s examine why.

wall bangs aint got nothing on this game

let’s start with the basics. the artstyle, IS GREAT. it somehow combines paper mache (don’t know how to add in the french marking thing.) but detailed computer work into one. the characters are well developed, like Bogdan Ivanaski, who left the circus after being ridiculed for doing ballet, and wants to spread the joy of dancing across the galaxy. gabriel seabass, a ex-whaler looking for revenge, who’s son was killed by a whale after the royalist’s decreased safety measure’s, and my personal favorite, beatrice. a promising soldier who was kicked out of the army after the royalist’s came into the picture. they all combine, and have interesting, and oft somber stories. for the gameplay, it’s honestly the closest thing your going to get to xcom on a 3ds. with the sharpshooters, you can bounce shot’s off walls for elaborate trickshots, which is always great. your character gets 2 utility slots, which allow for some interesting combinations, (flashbangs are an especially interesting use, as you can stun a whole room of enemies, and open fire upon helpless targets.). the weapons are great and varied. I found what appeared to be a luger with a scope that stunned targets. it had much less damage, but I didn’t care. I found a cooler laser pistol with more damage that did the same thing, with better damage. I found a rocket launcher for bea that was quite possibly the MIRV in disguise, and the amount of odd weapons in this game makes everything varied and cool. randomly generated maps keep things fresh, so that even on the tenth, the twentieth mission, you find new tactics and stuff. honestly, no matter what, you’ll love this game.

steampunk’s ruling the street

10/10. I love this game. Play it now.

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