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Pokémon Go to receive first Gen 3 creatures

So do you guys remember Pokémon Go? That mobile game that took the world by storm a year or so ago and then was promptly forgotten by most? Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s hard to deny the worst of this second wave of ‘Pokémania’ has passed – but believe it or not, the game is still receiving content to this day. Pokémon Go’s upcoming Halloween update looks to be the biggest patch in a while, with the start of a whole new Generation being added.

The most concrete evidence for this upcoming addition was this piece of art released by Niantic, pictured below;

Alongside fan-favourite classics such as Gengar and Zubat can be found spooky Gen 3 monsters such as Bannette, Duskull, and Sableye. That would be enough of a clue, but Eurogamer also reports on the incusion of new sound files for these Pokémon within the game itself. It’s certainly hard to imagine any other reason why these files would be included, except perhaps to provide a more varied ambience; even then however, we must assume this is preparing for a full Gen 3 release at some point in the near future.

When exactly that full release will be is still anyone’s guess however. To this day Pokémon Go does not contain every creature that came before the third generation. However, that has not stopped the game holding on to at least some of the colossal fan-base that existed at its height; the game’s Twitter account still has in excess of 2.5 million followers, and just 11 hours prior to the writing of this story new updates were rolled out for both iOS and Android for supposed bug-fixes (but were also data-mined to reveal the new Pokémon sound files).

A few more tit-bits about the update were also available from poking around in the files, including new Halloween-style music supposedly based on the infamous Lavender Town theme. This all comes off the back of a recent interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke, who promised both a Gen 3 release (as well as hinting at the inclusion of ‘missing’ Pokémon from existing generations) and the potential for an expanded battle mode in 2018. Better PVP is something that could really help Pokémon Go climb the ladder once more and inspire a new wave of the craze, so on that front we’ll wait and see with baited breath.

Look out for the new updates to be rolled out in force sometime in the next two weeks.

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