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Difficulty in video games IMO.

We all know that difficulty has been in video games since the arcades. Easy, medium, hard, very hard, fuck you and Japanese players only. But as of late we’ve seen a spark in the debate of “are some video games are too hard”.

The souls games are hard as the game because its how the game is. Some games are meant to be hard as thats how they were made to be such as souls, cuphead etc.

If From software put an easy mode in their game would it affect the game?
Of course not I’d still play that game.
Though there are somethings on the other side that I don’t agree with either.

I saw a post a while back saying that “No one has the time to figure out a bosses attack patterns”. Which is wrong because bosses are all about figuring out the attack patterns. When to dodge, block, parry or attack. Though we also must take into account that something that is hard for someone else. Could be something easy for another person.

There are factors that need to be taken into consideration. In my eyes its rather difficult to argue for or against difficulty in video games. a game could be hard due to it being a hard game. Or it could be hard due to bad game design. Or it could be based on a players skill level, so just because a game is hard doesn’t mean it should be toned down. Nor should people feel entitled and tell others to “Git gud”. As I’m writing this its very hard not to look like I’m taking sides.

I love Dark souls 3 and Bloodborne I crave a difficult game. Though I see why those games turn people off as it seems less like a difficulty spike. And more like a difficulty mountain. I know it seems like I’m sucking From software’s dick and to a I’ll admit I’m fondling their balls too. But all jokes aside in a perfect world Everyone enjoys all games. Regardless of difficulty but its simply not true, should all games be accessible? yes. Should they add an easy mode to difficult games? yes. Perhaps have an ending to the easy mode saying “If you want the true ending play again on hard mode”.

So to wrap things up I think that people can be huge dicks about this subject. I know it won’t affect my experience if a hard game had an easy mode. Lets all just enjoy video games.

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