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TMNT Characters to join Injustice roster

In the last article I told you I was going to make an effort to cover cheerier stories. Well, this is certainly…something. In a move that it’s fair to say came a surprise to many, it was revealed earlier today that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or TMNT, as I’ll refer to them) will be coming in an update to popular DC fighting game Injustice 2.

In a tweet accompanied by a full CG-trailer, the TMNT cast made a surprise appearance alongside the other two previously announced additions to the line-up – Enchantress, who you may remember from that movie we won’t talk about, and the Atom, who is…present. No doubt it’s the turtles that’ll have the most discussion turned their way however, if fans’ mixed reactions thus far have been any indication.

That said, as of now (understandably so, considering the news is only ten hours old) the contents of this trailer is all we have on the characters. Leonardo’s line that ‘we fight together’ seems to imply there’ll be some different characters mechanics to take advantage of mid-battle – perhaps with Michelangelo providing quick supporting attacks, Donatello improving defence, and so on. The closest comparison, perhaps, would be the Ice Climbers or Pokémon Trainer from Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. (Shows how many fighting games I’ve played, huh?)

This is not the first time the Injustice franchise has included characters other than the traditional, or even expanded, DC roster. The game’s release on PC, coming November 14th, will be marked by giving Early Access players access to Hellboy before his ‘formal’ inclusion in the next DLC content pack. The TMNT themselves have appeared in relatively recent DC crossover comics, starring alongside no less than company mascot Batman.

The very end of the current trailer gives only limited information on when we should expected the announced content to arrive – while Atom himself will be playable for Early Access owners from November 12th, (Atom fans worldwide rejoice I suppose) the TMNT and Enchantress are mentioned only as being available in ‘Fighter Pack 3’ and the game’s inevitable Ultimate Edition. The so-called Ultimate Edition will no doubt be the best way to get your hands on the game and all of the extra content at a more reasonable price, so for now it is best to control the hype and wait for more news to emerge. But one way or another, it seems the Turtles are hitting the fighting game scene once again, at least to an extent.

(What I want to know is, Duck Dodgers skin for the Green Lantern when, NetherRealm?)


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