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Battlefront II suffers disappointing UK physical sales

Well, this has been a bit of a roller coaster, hasn’t it? You didn’t need me to tell you the whole, bizarre ballad of Battlefront II. (That is, nu-Battlefront II, never forget) But if the information doing the rounds now proves accurate, it would be negligent not to provide it with at least some signal-boosting support; as far as the UK is concerned, Battlefront II is not pulling the numbers EA might have hoped for.

According to, Battlefront II is tracking sales up to 60% lower than its 2015 predecessor. It should be noted that these figures seem primarily based off of physical sales – note that apparently only 1% of the total sales were for PC. (Given the controversies surrounding the game many would no doubt consider that a nice thought, but sadly it’s heavily unlikely)

It’s important to bear in mind when looking at these figures that the UK and US are very different markets; the fact that Battlefront II failed to knock the new Call of Duty: WWII from its perch may come as a surprise to some, but COD is a massively popular series in the UK; even selling only half as much as Black Ops 3, 2016’s Infinite Warfare was still the biggest release of the year after perennial top-dog FIFA. Still, the week’s other major releases – L.A. Noire for the Switch and new Pokémon titles – hardly compete in the same genre or for the same audience as COD or Battlefront II. Things may pick up for the Star Wars shooter around Christmas time, but if the micro-transaction scandal reignites before then (and rest assured we’ll be reporting on it if it does) then EA could be playing with dicey odds indeed.

Digital sale numbers are still unclear, especially region-by-region. We don’t have the usual Steam charts to aid us in judging sales and play counts, and the curious case of the disappearing refund button (yes I know the reason for it, but hardly helps EA’s public image) possibly complicated matters further for any seeking to buy and refund as a protest. Still, these less-than-expected sales figures from the UK combine with the news of EA temporarily (and it is temporary, never forget) disabling loot-crates do suggest that some of the outrage targeted towards Battlefront II might have born fruit where it really counts – the bottom line.

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