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Welcome to the newest website for gaming related news, reviews, and content (cause we really need another, right?)

A Bad Password; somewhat selfishly/uncreatively named after the creator’s Gamertag and YouTube channel was made with not only being informative in mind, but with fun and leisure as a priority for readers and writers as well.

A place where you can laugh, relax, hang out, and verbally slaughter the author’s for spelling a word wrong.  Think of this website as that cool uncle who really doesn’t give a **** (that word was “fuck” by the way).

So as we continue to expand over this journey we hope you join us and stick around throughout this endeavor as we reach success… OR, you stick around and watch one guy waist a load of cash and fail miserably. If you wanna help out and write for us, click here. If not, then spreading the word helps just as much, thanks.